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Computer game therapy

Activities carried out with game devices are part of the biodynamic movement correction program – an important element of the Kozyavkin Method. The International Clinic of Rehabilitation has developed a number of game devices for training movements: – a hand manipulator, a training chair, and a universal game device. All these devices can be connected to an ordinary computer at home and do not require any special knowledge of computer technology.

With this in mind, we developed specialized training devices, equipped with sensors that record the patient’s movements – flexing and turning the hand, bending the torso, flexing the foot, etc. The information from these sensors is transmitted to a computer, and is used to control the computer game. The movements performed by the patient’s hand, body, or foot coincide with the movements made by the figure in the computer game. In order to dose the physical effort that the patient must deal with during the actual game, these devices are equipped with a regulator ensuring smooth changes in movement resistance.

The main objectives of this kind of work lie in helping patients develop and improve their functional positions, and ameliorate their sense of balance and motor control. Computer games therapy increases the child’s motivation to perform required movements and exercises. Games and tasks, starting positions and the tempo for performing motor actions are specially selected for each patient. Personalizing the process means considering the initial motor condition of each patient.

We have developed special computer games, which will help our patients to enhance their motor skills, balance, and agility.

We offer a series of rehabilitation games for balance training.

We offer a series of rehabilitation games for balance training.

The patient is required to register on our Web site and install the corresponding software on his/her home computer.

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